Rent a car in Footscray

Our booking engine will search for all available Luxury Car Rentals in Footscray in real time and return results of the best prices for the dates selected. We compare the prices form all major car rental suppliers to offer you a wide range of Luxury Cars. You will find examples of the Luxury Car group range below, but for a full offer and availability please use the Instant Quote form. Please note that availability for Luxury Car in Footscray is limited and we advise booking a few months in advance to reserve the most popular Luxury Car vehicles. You can cancel your reservation free of charge so book now to secure your Luxury Car hire.

Car Rentals

McLaren MP4 12C car hire

Rent McLaren MP4 12C or similar in Footscray

Audi R8 car hire

Rent Audi R8 or similar in Footscray

The Audi R8 offers Italian supercar performance with German engineering. With its low, wide positioning the R8 offers stunning performance combined with great road presence and an amazing sound track

Fuel consumption

19.0 m/g

CO2 emission

332.0 g/km

Mercedes E Class Convertible car hire

Rent Mercedes E Class Convertible or similar in Footscray

The quality and craftsmanship is completely first rate, while the layout is attractive and ergonomically superb. It’s bigger than ever, but sporty looking and it drives with vigor.

Fuel consumption

44.4 m/g

CO2 emission

165.4 g/km

Mercedes S class car hire

Rent Mercedes S class or similar in Footscray

The S-Class is regarded as the world’s best luxury car. Full of high-tech support for luxury and safety with unrivalled driving pleasure and ample room for five adults and vast luggage space.

Fuel consumption
51.0 m/g

CO2 emission
146.0 g/km

Useful Luxury Car Information

When travelling to Footscray consider renting a Luxury Car if you are looking for flexibility and convenience. A full range of the Luxury Cars available at Footscray will be shown on the car rental quote page, once you have selected the pick up location, date and time of rental. When renting a Luxury Car in Footscray you may want to consider purchasing excess insurance to avoid paying large excess amounts in case of damage to the Luxury Car. Your car is fully insured however there is usually excess payable in case of damage to your rental. When you collect your Footscray car hire the rental desk will offer you to purchase the excess insurance for your Luxury Car rental however it's much cheaper to buy your insurance from a third party prior to your arrival.

Q: Is it possible to rent a specific car from the Luxury Car Grop?
A: When you book your Luxury Car hire with us, we can only guarantee that the booked vehicle will be of the Luxury Car category. In most cases you will be able to rent the exact vehicle showing, but if there is no availability you will be offered a similar model.

Q: Do you have Luxury Car rentals in Footscray other than the cars showing on this page?
A: The Luxury Car vehicles shown here are only examples for this car group. Once you select Footscray as your pick up location and you specify the date and time of pick up you will see the full range of vehicles available in Footscray for the selected period. Please note that the most popular models sell out quickly so we advise early booking.

What is the difference between Luxury Car with Automatic and Manual Transmission?
When booking your car rental in Footscray you have a choice of manual transmission or automatic transmission rental.
The main difference is that an automatic Luxury Car will shift the gears automatically for you and manual Luxury Car requires you to shift gears up and down yourself. There have been vast improvements in automatic cars over recent years to make them better to drive and more economical. Because of this Luxury Car automatic rentals are becoming more and more popular over the last few years and available for rent today from Airports Car Hire in the Luxury Car category as well as all other categories.
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Bentley Flying Spur Porsche Cayman McLaren MP4 12C Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Lamborghini Huracan Ferrari 458 Bentley Continental GT Coupe Ferrari California Audi R8 Spyder Audi R8 Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible Porsche 911 Note that not all cars are available at all destinations.