How can I get a quotation?

You can get a quotation online or alternatively you can call us. We will be happy to search the market for you and find the best price possible for your specific requirements.

Where can I check the T&C of the rental on the web site?

When you are making your booking you must confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the rental conditions. If you click on rental conditions at this point your Terms and Conditions of your rental are available for you to view them.

Where can I find directions to locate the rental agent at the pickup location?

The details for the rental agent are available on your rental voucher. This will also include a phone number for the agent.

What is the name of the car rental agent that will supply me with the car?

This can be found once the booking is confirmed and is provided in the confirmation email and on the voucher.

Why you do not display car rental agent during the booking process?

Rental agents compete against each other and in the interest of fair competition and in order to offer you the cheapest rates, we can not identify the Supplier until after you have completed your booking.

Can I drop off the car earlier than it is stated on my voucher? Do I get a refund for unused days?

You would normally be able to drop the car off earlier than stated on your voucher, however, we are unable to refund any unused days or make refunds on vehicles returned early. Please contact the car rental agent for details if you are planning to return the vehicle early.

Can I extend my rental while my rental is in progress?

Although we cannot extend your rental after the pickup time, this may be possible by requesting this extension directly with your car rental agent. If they have availability they will normally be happy for you to keep the vehicle a little longer. There will be an additional cost to this and this is paid directly to the car rental provider.

What steps can I take if the vehicle is not up to the standard/in the condition I expect?

If you feel that the vehicle is not up to the standard that you expect you need to raise this directly with the rental agent immediately.

What is an out of hour's fee?

An out of hours fee may be applicable if a car rental agent agrees to stay open outside of their normal hours of business in order to service your rental pick up. We will inform you before you collect the car should this fee apply and this should be reflected in the price.

Do I have to pay extra if I want to drop off the car early in the morning/late at night?

If you wish to pick up/drop off the rental vehicle outside the normal opening hours of the rental agent you may have to pay an additional charge. This will be outlined in your rental conditions which can be viewed before you confirm your booking. We will also advise if the out of hours fee is included in the price that you were quoted.

Why is there a one way fee?

We offer a one way service on most of our bookings if you choose to drop the vehicle off at a different location to the one you collected your rental vehicle from, however a fee normally applies due to the logistics of getting the car back to its original location. If you have a confirmed booking, this fee is clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions that we sent to you at time of booking. We will also advise if the one way fee is included in the price that we quoted you.

Can I drop the car off at a different location?

Dropping your car off at a different location is normally possible and we will advise if this is possible at time of booking. Usually there is a fee for this to cover the logistics of returning the car to its original location however we will clearly advise of this on the website under rate details at your time of booking. If you have a confirmed booking, this can also be found on the terms and conditions we sent to you at your time of booking.

Are there any additional costs for the cross border travel?

Cross border travel fees vary from country to country. Please check with the Car rental agent on arrival as restrictions and charges may apply. It will state in the terms and conditions of your rental voucher which countries cross border travel is allowed to for your particular rental and if there are any fees relating to this.

Can I drive the vehicle to another country?

This will depend on the car rental agent you are renting from and what their cross border travel restrictions are. We detail whether this is allowed or not at time of booking. Click on the rate dates when you are selecting your car.

I am over 75 years of age, can I rent a car?

This depends on the car rental agent and the country in which you will be traveling. Most Car Rental agents will allow a person of any age to drive however this must be checked before booking your car rental agent as some rental agents have an age limit of 75 years. The Car Rental agents may charge a fee if the main driver is over 75 years of age. This fee is to cover the additional insurance required for the driver. This information will be provided at time of booking under the "Rate Details" link when selecting your car. If you have a confirmed booking, this information is on the rental conditions that we e-mailed to you at time of booking.

Is there a charge for a young driver?

This depends on the car rental agent and the country of which you will be traveling. Most Car Rental agents will charge a young drivers fee if the main driver is under 25 years of age however the minimum age may differ. This fee is to cover the additional insurance required for the driver. If there is a fee we will clearly state this at time of booking under the "rate details" section when selecting your car. If you have a confirmed booking, this information is on the rental conditions that we e-mailed to you at time of booking.

What are the age restrictions for my rental?

Age restrictions are set by car rental agents. This means that for insurance purposes the car rental agent may have a minimum or maximum age of the driver they can rent to. All age restrictions will be in the terms and conditions of each rental. Some companies also have a young or senior driver's fee for specific age groups If the mileage is limited, how many km can I do per day and what happens if I do more? The details of your mileage policy may vary depending on the rental provider and the country of rental, however the information on your mileage policy and charges applicable can be found in the terms and conditions of your rental. If you do go over your allowance mileage you are charged a fee for each additional Kilometre that you exceed.

Do I have a limit on the miles that I travel during my rental?

Normally your rental will have an unlimited mileage policy, however in some instances there may be restrictions. We always advise you of your mileage policy before you book your vehicle. This is found under the "Rate details" link at time of booking. If you have a confirmed booking the mileage policy is clearly stated in your terms and conditions that we e-mailed you at time of booking.

Do I need another form of ID?

You may be requested to provide another form of ID with proof of your address, however this varies between rental agents, please refer to the terms and conditions of your rental voucher.

Can I use my debit card to release the vehicle?

In most cases you must provide a valid credit card in the driver's name when you are picking up your vehicle. Debit Cards are not accepted. However some rental agents will accept a debit card if you choose to opt for excess reduction insurance at the rental desk. You can however use your debit card online when you are making your booking.

What Credit Cards are accepted by the rental agent?

The following credit cards are usually accepted when collecting your vehicle: American Express, Diners Club, Master Card and Visa, however please check your terms and conditions that we sent to you at time of booking as these may vary.

I am from the UK, do I need both photo card and paper counterpart licenses?

UK License holders must present both the photo card and its papers counterpart at time of rental. This is detailed in your terms and conditions documentation.

How much is the fuel deposit?

The fuel deposit on your rental is set by the rental agent who is providing your vehicle. We advise contacting the rental provider using the contact details which can be found on your rental voucher for further details.

What is the price for one tank of petrol?

The fuel price is a charge that sits outside the price of your basic rental. This charge and its value is set by the rental provider.

What does pick up full return empty mean?

This type of fuel policy means that you will pick up your vehicle with a full tank of petrol and will be required to return the vehicle with the petrol tank empty. Charges for fuel are payable at the rental location when you collect your vehicle. As you are paying for your fuel in advance to make the most of the petrol you get, we recommend returning the vehicle with as little fuel in the tank as possible.

Where do I pay for fuel?

If your fuel policy requires you to pay for the fuel of the vehicle then this will be done at the rental desk when you are collecting your car. Your fuel policy can be found in your terms and conditions that we e-mailed to you at time of booking. It's under the "Fuel Policy" section.

What is the fuel policy?

The fuel policy is dependent on the car rental agent. We display this at time of booking under rate details. The fuel policy is also clearly stated in the terms and conditions under 'fuel policy'. Normally our car rental agents will provide a full tank of fuel when you are collecting your vehicle and will ask you to have a full tank of fuel when returning the vehicle ("pick up full return full" fuel policy). Alternatively, you might be requested to pay for the tank of fuel upon collection and you can return the car with an empty tank ("pick up full return empty" fuel policy). A security deposit is normally taken so it is important to fill the tank up when dropping the vehicle off, this will prevent any additional charges.
Please check your rental conditions for details of your Fuel Policy.

What is breakdown assistance?

Breakdown assistance is provided by the rental provider so you will need to contact them directly to report any mechanical failures. You can obtain further information regarding the terms of the cover from the rental provider.

Why have two amounts been blocked from my credit card?

We pre authorise your card at time of booking for the amount of the deposit. This is not debited from your card until we confirm your rental with one of our rental agents. In the event your rental is not available we will contact you to offer the alternatives available. When Cartrawler book your vehicle, a new pre authorisation is made for that booking. The initial pre authorisation will be immediately released back to your card automatically.

What does it mean that my booking was provisionally confirmed?

If you receive information that your booking has been provisionally confirmed, this means that we experienced some difficulty when trying to charge the card you provided. This might be due to putting incorrect card details, insufficient funds on your card, your bank not authorising the transition due to a limit on the card etc. Our representative will call you shortly to reprocess transaction. In the mean time the reservation is provisionally confirmed for you until the transaction is processed again.

Why is my reservation not available, I paid a deposit?

When you make your initial booking request we never debit your account. We do, however, pre authorise your card for the required deposit amount. In the event that we are unsuccessful in securing the vehicle that you require, we will release these funds back onto your card immediately. A member of our team will be in touch before hand to discuss the alternative options available.

I received an email from a fraud agent/fraud department? What should I do?

The Fraud Department protects your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure. We are working closely with law enforcement organizations to prevent online criminal activity. We are taking many steps to ensure the security on our booking engine. In some cases you may be approached by our Fraud Department with a Security Check if there is any inconsistency in your booking details/ history. Should this happen please contact our Customer Centre immediately in order to validate your details and process your transaction securely.

What's the security level on your website?

Our entire booking process, from entering your details to processing the payment, takes place in a secure environment (VeriSign secured). We treat data as an asset that must be protected and use lots of tools (encryption, physical security, etc.) to protect your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure.

What is a security check?

This is a random security check that is carried out to try and prevent fraud.

I just received an e-mail telling me my booking was denied, what does this mean?

In the event that your requested vehicle is not available we will contact you to discuss the alternative options that we have, however, if we are unsuccessful at making contact with you to discuss these option than will have to deny your rental request.

Can I cancel my on request reservation?

Yes, you can cancel your On Request reservation free of cost, however please note that we confirm 99% of all our reservations so your reservation will most probably be confirmed. However, if you still decide to cancel, the easiest way to cancel your booking, you can do it online online via the "Cancel my Booking" section.

What does it mean my booking is 'On Request'?

When we advise you that a vehicle is on request, this likely means that your specific vehicle category booked may be limited and we will need to verify availability with our rental agent. In this case we will contact you within 48 hours to advise if this vehicle is available.

Do I need to present the voucher to collect my car?

Yes, this is a requirement and is extremely important. Failure to present the voucher that we have sent to you could result in additional costs for your rental. If you need a new voucher or you have lost your voucher, just go onto our website and re print it via the "My Booking" Section.

I have lost my rental voucher and need a new one.

The quickest and easiest way to re print your voucher is to go online to our website and go to the "Manage Booking" section on our website. Just enter your e-mail address and Reservation Number and click print.

I have not received my rental voucher?

We automatically send your voucher as soon as your rental is confirmed. If you haven't received it please check your spam filter. You can also print your voucher online using "Manage Booking" section on our website. Just enter your e-mail address and Reservation number and click print.

How do I print off my voucher?

The easiest way to print your voucher is through our website, just click on Voucher Lookup in "Manage Booking" section, enter your e-mail and voucher number and click print. Your voucher will also be in your e-mail inbox as we sent it to you at time of booking.

Where can I find the information about the payment details?

Throughout the booking process on Step 3 you will see "Summary of Charges" showing how much is the total price of the rental and how much is payable at the time of booking. Also a confirmation email with payment confirmation is sent specifying how much is paid.

Where do I pick up my vehicle?

The address of your car rental agent will be clearly stated on your voucher. If you are collecting the vehicle at an Airport location it will clearly show whether the rental provider is in the terminal or not. Some Rental providers offer a meet and greet service and this information will be clearly stated on your rental voucher. If you are having trouble finding the rental agent location then you can call our 24 hour call centre at the number provided on your rental voucher.

What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, please call our 24 hour call centre to let us know. One of our Travel Advisers will be able to assist. The number to call will always be displayed on your rental voucher. Please note that we cannot offer refunds due to delayed or cancelled flights.

How can I add an Additional Driver?

This is quite easily done at time of vehicle collection. Just tell the agent you wish to add this to your booking. The cost of this is payable locally in the local currency. You can also request an additional driver on step 3 of the booking process.

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